Grabbable gut
Toxic fat

The campaign started in June 2012 when we decided to take Western Australian adults on a journey inside their own bodies to show them the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, the consequences when they choose not to and some simple changes they can make.

In 2014, the campaign extended to Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.   

Cancer Council Victoria in partnership with the Heart Foundation, with funding by the Victorian State Government, launched the campaign which is a vital component of community health efforts being delivered as part of the Healthy Together Victoria initiative. 

The Heart Foundation ACT, with funding from the ACT Government launched the campaign on Monday 20 October  and it is a critical element of the ACT Government’s Healthy Weight Initiative,supporting a healthy, active and productive community.

Other campaigns and programs

LiveLighter incorporates the key messages of previous healthy lifestyle campaigns such as Go for 2&5® and and Find 30®. Here are a few other programs that promote healthier lifestyles:

Western Australia:


Australian Capital Territory:

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