Anita Nichols

Mum of three, Anita Nichols, is the owner of Li’l Busy Bodies, Melbourne’s leading outdoor sports party business. Li’l Busy Bodies runs sports parties for children aged 5-12 out of Melbourne’s leafy, green parks and fabulous beaches. 

Anita is also a qualified lifestyle, nutrition and health coach, ultra-marathon runner and event director of Karkarook parkrun.

When Anita is not growing her business, you can find her running the trails in beautiful Bayside Melbourne with her cattle dog, Bear, and promoting her family’s health through:

  1. A non-diet approach
  2. Positive Mindset
  3. Physical Activity

For more information on Li’l Busy Bodies or to book a party, contact Anita on 0408 637 766 or visit You can also find Li’l Busy Bodies on Facebook and Instagram.

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