Executive Manager of the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) and Alcohol and Obesity Policy at Cancer Council Victoria

Jane Martin

Jane Martin leads the Obesity Policy Coalition, a partnership between Cancer Council Victoria, Diabetes Victoria and the WHO Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention at Deakin University. Jane advocates for policy and regulatory reform to prevent overweight and obesity, with a focus on food marketing, labelling, and tax and pricing measures.

Jane has worked extensively in public health advocacy for over twenty-five years, firstly in tobacco control, followed by obesity prevention and alcohol policy. Her interests lie in advocacy, research and partnerships to support policy reform. She collaborates on research grants, authors academic papers, lectures and is active in the media.

Jane has advised government including as a member of the Front of Pack Labelling Steering Committee which developed the Health Star Rating system. She is currently Vice President of the Australian New Zealand Obesity Society.

Articles by this author

  • packaged foods

    More than half of foods aimed at kids are unhealthy: research

    • Jun 27, 2017
    • by Jane Martin

    Childhood obesity continues to be a major issue in Australia, with 27 per cent of our children now overweight or obese . So why are we still allowing food manufacturers to directly target children with promotions on unhealthy food?