WA Media Releases

19 Jan 2020
Peak Bodies warn ‘Sugary Drinks are a Rotten Choice’

The major aims of the campaign are to discourage the purchase of sugary drinks and reduce family and household consumption of these products. Parents of school-aged children are the primary target audience as they are likely to be the main grocery buyer for their household and have a significant influence on the consumption habits of their family.

24 Dec 2019
Study reveals the truth about the kJ count in non-alcoholic alcohol drinks

LiveLighter analysed products from 26 bottle shops and supermarkets in the Perth metro area, including non-alcoholic versions of beer, wine, cider and spirits, and compared their number of kilojoules against their alcoholic equivalents.

21 Dec 2019
New stats confirm hungover young adults make unhealthy choices

New data released by Cancer Council confirms the long-held perception that young Australian adults are likely to turn to unhealthy fatty and salty foods the day after drinking alcohol.

02 Dec 2019
New data reveals Aussies’ weight gain over Christmas

The data is released to coincide with the start of Cancer Council’s latest LiveLighter campaign which aims to encourage Western Australians who drink to reduce their alcohol consumption behaviour during the festive season.

17 Oct 2019
Western Australians are not eating enough vegies

One in 14 WA adults meet the recommended daily serve of vegies

25 Sep 2019
Richmond Football Club sets benchmark for healthy sponsorship in AFL

The review found that 17 of the 18 AFL clubs were sponsored by at least one ‘red’ sponsor, with six of the teams having unhealthy sponsors on their playing uniform

24 Sep 2019
WA records lowest levels of teenage sugary drinks consumption in Australia

Latest survey indicates LiveLighter’s® positive impact

09 Sep 2019
Study finds 2 in 3 drinks at Perth supermarket checkouts are bad for health

A LiveLighter analysis found that only one quarter of the drinks displayed were sugar and sweetener free.

20 Aug 2019
Glory extends partnership with LiveLighter

The LiveLighter message will be seen during the 2019/20 Hyundai A-League season with the extension of Glory’s existing partnership with Healthway.

14 Aug 2019
LiveLighter calls for urgent action with new campaign

CCWA will today launch the next LiveLighter® public education campaign that urges Western Australians to reduce their cancer risk by reducing sugary drink consumption

VIC Media Releases

For Victorian LiveLighter media enquiries, please contact Natalie Kaplan on (03) 9514 6434

05 Jun 2019
Aussies’ growing ‘app-etite’ for convenience comes at a price

New data reveals convenience foods get in the way of our efforts to eat well

15 May 2019
How healthy are we? New survey reveals gap in Aussies’ knowledge of health consequences of poor diet and physical inactivity

A new LiveLighter survey has revealed most Aussies give themselves top marks when it comes to their health but fail to meet national nutrition and physical activity recommendations.

15 May 2019
Australians slip up on their sugary drink knowledge

A new LiveLighter survey has revealed that although many Aussies are hooked on sugary drinks, some are confused when it comes to identifying which beverages are laden with excess sugar.

18 Apr 2019
Hot cross buns: LiveLighter warns Victorians against bun-derestimating the energy content in Easter treats

With supermarket shelves brimming with hot cross buns as early as January, LiveLighter is reminding Victorians to make sure an Easter ‘treat’ doesn’t become an everyday habit.

01 Apr 2019
Latrobe Valley Bus Lines driving positive change among employees

LiveLighter is encouraging all Victorians to take a leaf out of Latrobe Valley Bus Lines’ playbook and embrace the Premier’s Active April as an opportunity to incorporate more physical activity into their day.

02 Feb 2019
Ice ice baby – choosing the healthiest icy pole for your kids this summer

A new LiveLighter analysis of over 20 icy pole brands has revealed some products are masquerading as ‘full of fruit’ when in reality some contain up to five teaspoons of sugar per serving.

24 Jan 2019
No running from resolutions with new parkrun partnership

Given that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February, parkrun Australia is grabbing hold of January to help ensure more Australians maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

10 Jan 2019
Cleaning Up Junk Food In Sport: It’s Just Not Cricket

Public health groups are calling on elite sporting clubs to clean their act up as new research shows mums and dads are sick of major sports codes partnering with junk food companies that put profits before health.

15 Nov 2018
Flavoured water: sugary liquid with a healthy spin

‘Healthy’ waters hide up to 5.5tsp sugar per bottle, analysis shows

04 Oct 2018
Victorians urged to get back in touch with nature

As daylight savings approaches and the weather gets warmer LiveLighter and Parks Victoria are encouraging Victorians to rediscover their love of nature to improve their health and wellbeing.

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