10 Oct 2016
3 in 5 sucked in by cheap junk food and sugary drinks: survey

Australians are being urged to steer clear of supermarket promotions on unhealthy food and drinks as new data reveals most of us fall victim to clever hard-to-resist specials, despite our healthy intentions.

6 Oct 2016
Graphic LiveLighter 'sugary drinks' and 'toxic fat' ads are back, urging to stop the rot

Heart Foundation ACT and the Australian Dental Association (ADA) NSW have come together to fight the issue of sugary drinks leading to unhealthy weight and tooth decay of adults in the ACT. Nearly half of ACT adults aged 25 years and over consume sugary drinks every week and nearly 30,000 Canberrans consume them every day.

8 Sep 2016
Heart Foundation welcomes ACT Government’s action to curb unhealthy food and drink marketing to children

Heart Foundation ACT congratulates the ACT Government for taking action to change the way unhealthy food and drink is marketed, particularly towards children, in Canberra and welcomes the introduction of measures following the extensive community consultation process.

10 Aug 2016
Report shows half of "natural" foods unhealthy

Canberrans are being warned to be wary of foods which claim to be ‘natural’ with new research showing that almost 5 in 10 ‘natural’ products are high in saturated fat, sugar and/or salt.

23 Mar 2016
Hard hitting campaign to give up soft drinks makes an impact in Canberra

A survey conducted by the LiveLighter campaign has revealed that more than half of the adults in Canberra aged 25 – 64 years are aware of the latest LiveLighter advertisements urging Canberrans to avoid sugary drinks. Of the respondents aware of the LiveLighter campaign, more than one in three say they have given up or cut back on sugary drinks after hearing or seeing the confronting ‘toxic fat’ images in the advertisements.

16 Nov 2015
Parents call for stop on junk food and drink marketing to children

According to findings released today by the Heart Foundation ACT’s LiveLighter campaign, the majority of parents in the ACT believe that companies should stop advertising unhealthy foods to children.

8 Oct 2015
LiveLighter urges Canberrans to stop drinking themselves fat

Findings released today from a LiveLighter ACT survey reveal that nearly half of ACT adults aged 25 years and over consume sugary drinks every week and nearly 30,000 Canberrans consume them every day. Most 600ml medium-sized bottles of soft drink contain about 16 teaspoons of sugar which means that a person drinking just one of these a day will consume more than 23 kilograms of sugar in one year. That’s likely to result in an estimated weight gain of 10.5 kilograms that could lead to a raft of other health issues.

28 Jul 2015
Obesity issue weighing heavily on ACT adults yet many don’t think they have a problem

Two in five obese adults living in the ACT only consider themselves to be slightly overweight according to a LiveLighter survey.

25 Feb 2015
More than half of the ACT’s cafes don’t use skim milk in a ‘skinny’ coffee

A survey of 30 ACT cafes conducted by the LiveLighter campaign has revealed that ‘skinny’ is not a standard industry term. Only 43% of cafes in Canberra use skim milk in a ‘skinny’ beverage and 57% use low fat milk. Of the coffee shops surveyed 37% do not make skim milk available to their customers.

13 Feb 2015
LiveLighter urges adults to watch their portion sizes during Healthy Weight Week (16-22 February)

To be a healthy weight, you need to watch the amount of food you eat to make sure you aren’t eating too much.