• A Christmas tree made out of fruit

    Six ways to avoid the post-Christmas bulge

    • November 27, 2015

    • by Alison McAleese

    Every year in the week before Christmas, after a month of parties, I have the same conversation with myself: Next year I’m going to think about Christmas earlier and factor in my health.

  • Cans of diet drink

    Diet drinks and artificial sweeteners... what's the catch?

    • November 19, 2015

    • by Anne Finch

    With so much heat in the sugar debate, a lot of people are looking to reduce their sugar intake. And don't worry, the food industry has noticed!

  • A sports drink wrapped in caution tape

    The sneaky sugar in 'healthy' drinks

    • November 12, 2015

    • by Anne Finch

    It's pretty obvious that soft drinks aren't a healthy choice. But what about some of the other drinks that market themselves as a better choice?

  • A glass filled with marshmellows

    Is it time to rethink those sugary drinks?

    • November 06, 2015

    • by Anne Finch

    Why does a soft drink taste better than a sickly sweet tea with 10 sugars? Confusingly, it’s because it doesn’t taste as sweet.

  • A teaspoon holding 3 sugar cubes

    Not so sweet on the sweet stuff

    • October 29, 2015

    • by Anne Finch

    Sugar sure is having its time in the spotlight. What’s the big deal? And what does it mean for you?

  • A shopping basket filled with vegies

    Love food but hate waste? Read on.

    • October 15, 2015

    • by Jenny Atkins

    My life is about food! Food provides nourishment and plays a part in entertaining, celebrations and most, if not all, activities with family and friends.

  • Bowl of roasted vegies

    Five ways to get your five a day

    • October 02, 2015

    • by Anne Finch

    I love the current food trend of putting vegetables at the front and centre of the meal.

  • Older adults enjoying a fitness class

    Being active after 50: Can I start exercising now and will it improve my health?

    • September 18, 2015

    • by Diane Percy

    It’s never too late to start exercising! I’m over 50 and I’ve taught fitness classes like Pilates and yoga for the past 25 years.

  • Lunchbox filled with healthy food

    Real lunchboxes revealed

    • September 04, 2015

    • by Clare Clarke

    Most parents have seen it – elaborate fruit carvings, sushi sculptures, banana palm trees, panda shaped boiled eggs…

  • Assortment of fruit and veg

    Super food or super silly?

    • August 07, 2015

    • by Anne Finch

    We hear about them a lot in the media and see them in the supermarket and at cafes. So what exactly are superfoods?