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10 Dec 2020
Unintended COVID consequences: Victorians snacked more, Aussies gained weight

A new LiveLighter® survey has revealed 37 per cent of Australians reported gaining weight between February and July this year – a time when most Australian states were under some form of COVID-19 restrictions.

10 May 2020
Junk food brands capitalising on lockdown

Public health groups have slammed fast food corporations for their shameless marketing targeting people in isolation, health workers and bored kids during the COVID-19 pandemic.

30 Apr 2020
Pandemic priorities: LiveLighter urges Aussies not to neglect their health

A new survey has revealed the toll COVID-19 restrictions are taking on Australians’ health, with more than a third exercising less while in lockdown, while a quarter are eating less healthily under the current conditions.

28 Jan 2020
Back to school lunchbox snacks fail the healthy test

Parents are embarking on another year of lunchbox prep as kids return to school this week, and with new brands popping up on supermarket shelves and companies finding new ways to conceal the nutritional value of their products, choosing a healthy snack can be daunting.

19 Dec 2019
How many kilojoules could you be drinking?

New data reveals Aussies’ weight gain over Christmas

18 Oct 2019
New survey shows positive impact on GPs’ skills and confidence to discuss weight management with patients

A new survey has found LiveLighter’s training program for health professionals gave doctors greater confidence when it comes to discussing weight management with their patients.

26 Sep 2019
Supermarket checkouts overflowing with sugary drinks

New figures from a LiveLighter analysis of major supermarkets in Melbourne have revealed that nearly half of the drinks offered in supermarket checkout fridges are unhealthy sugary drinks.

11 Jul 2019
Wake up call: Australians urged to get a good night’s sleep to reduce their risk of chronic disease

Research has revealed a lack of sleep could be doing more than just leaving you feeling a bit tired the next day. Restricted and poor-quality sleep is now associated with an increased risk of obesity.

20 Jun 2019
LiveLighter puts the squeeze on popular juice brands

LiveLighter put the spotlight on 38 popular ready-to-drink juice brands to see which ones were serving up plenty of fibre and which ones are packed with fruit concentrates.

05 Jun 2019
Aussies’ growing ‘app-etite’ for convenience comes at a price

New data reveals convenience foods get in the way of our efforts to eat well

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