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15 Nov 2018
Flavoured water: sugary liquid with a healthy spin

‘Healthy’ waters hide up to 5.5tsp sugar per bottle, analysis shows

4 Oct 2018
Victorians urged to get back in touch with nature

As daylight savings approaches and the weather gets warmer LiveLighter and Parks Victoria are encouraging Victorians to rediscover their love of nature to improve their health and wellbeing.

4 Sep 2018
LiveLighter urges Victorians to spring back to a healthy routine

As the days start to get longer and warmer, LiveLighter is urging Victorians to use the change of seasons as a chance to start making healthier lifestyle choices.

8 Jun 2018
A day's worth of sugar in one hit

One carton of flavoured milk – the well-known tradie morning tea staple – could contain nearly as much sugar as half a packet of lollies, according to a new analysis from LiveLighter.

29 May 2018
Online health advice not always best for offline health

New data from LiveLighter has revealed Australians are turning to the internet as their preferred source of information and advice on healthy weight and weight loss, with 44% seeking such information online.

9 May 2018
Healthier choices become easier in Victoria

LiveLighter warmly welcomes the commencement of mandatory kilojoule labelling in chain fast food outlets and supermarkets across Victoria this month.

26 Apr 2018
Graphic campaign curbs Victorians' love affair with sugary drinks

Victorians could be spared from 1,085 new cases of type 2 diabetes and 153 new cases of heart disease if the government ran a graphic public education campaign on the link between sugary drinks and chronic health conditions, according to health researchers.

20 Apr 2018
Is "low carb" beer really better for you? New analysis shows it's a big fat myth

Health groups call for nutrition info panels on alcohol

9 Apr 2018
GPs a leading source of weight and nutrition info: survey

Doctors urged to get comfortable talking to patients about obesity

23 Mar 2018
Supermarket catalogues miss the mark when it comes to healthy trolleys

LiveLighter's latest survey shows fruit and vegetables take up just 4% of catalogue space.