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28 Aug 2017
'Healthy' breakfast biscuits, drinks not all they're cracked up to be

Eight in ten on-the-go breakfast products, such as biscuits, drinks and yoghurt/cereal combos, contain more sugar than the staple wheat biscuits and milk and are up to 18 times more expensive, a new study from LiveLighter has revealed.

06 Jul 2017
What is healthy? Survey reveals huge gap in what public, nutritionists think is healthy

Coconut oil, gluten-free cakes, orange juice, frozen yoghurt and muesli bars – they’re marketed as good for us, but are they really healthy? A new survey by LiveLighter has revealed some eye-opening differences between what members of the public and a sample of nutrition experts think is healthy.

09 Jun 2017
Aussies choose couch over physical activity: survey

Australians are being urged to make the most of opportunities to move as new data reveals most of us prefer to watch TV, read or sleep instead of exercise, leading to an increased risk of chronic health conditions.

27 Apr 2017
Flavoured yoghurts hide up to 7.5 tsp sugar per serving: survey

Some flavoured yoghurts sold in major supermarkets are hiding as many as 7.5 teaspoons of sugar per serving, making them more of a dessert than a healthy snack, new research from LiveLighter has revealed.

09 Feb 2017
4 in 5 Victorians support kilojoules on the menu: survey shows

Leading health organisations have today congratulated the Victorian Government for passing legislation to make kilojoule labelling on menus mandatory, as new data shows the majority of Victorians support the move, along with an education campaign.

30 Jan 2017
Supermarkets urged to stop promoting unhealthy, processed food as lunchbox staples

LiveLighter is calling on supermarkets to stop promoting unhealthy, packaged food and drinks as ideal for lunchboxes at a time when 27 percent of Australian children are overweight or obese.

10 Oct 2016
3 in 5 sucked in by cheap junk food and sugary drinks: survey

Australians are being urged to steer clear of supermarket promotions on unhealthy food and drinks as new data reveals most of us fall victim to clever hard-to-resist specials, despite our healthy intentions.

09 Aug 2016
Half of 'natural' foods unhealthy: report

Australians are being urged to be wary of foods which claim to be ‘natural’ with new research showing that almost 5 in 10 ‘natural’ products are high in saturated fat, sugar and/or salt.

15 Feb 2016
New labelling research - fast food chains fudge the facts

7 out of 9 Victorian major fast food chains don’t provide kilojoule information

12 Jan 2016
Healthy summer drinks hide more kj than a Big Mac, health experts warn

Leading health experts are warning Victorians to be wary of store-bought smoothies, frappes and shakes this summer, after a LiveLighter investigation found many contain more kilojoules than a McDonald’s Big Mac and are extremely high in sugar.

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