14 Nov 2016
Media note: sugary drinks tax

LiveLighter Campaign Director Maria Szybiak is available for comment on calls from Australian doctors for a sugary drinks tax.

19 Sep 2016
Media note: sugar tax

LiveLighter Campaign Director Maria Szybiak is available for comment on MP Russell Broadbent's call for a sugar tax.

10 Aug 2016
Report shows half of "natural" foods unhealthy

West Australians are being warned to be wary of foods which claim to be ‘natural,’ with new research showing that almost half of these products are high in saturated fat, sugar and/or salt.

5 Aug 2016
LiveLighter tackles junk food sponsorship of elite sport

On the eve of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, LiveLighter, Australia’s leading public education campaign targeting obesity, has launched a campaign asking West Australians to question the sponsorship of elite sport by junk food companies.

15 Jul 2016
New study adds weight to LiveLighter’s obesity campaign

A study published in The Lancet has found that that being overweight or obese is associated with an increased risk of dying prematurely, more so men.

27 Apr 2016
Junk food the main culprit for our added sugar addiction

LiveLighter is calling on every West Australian to rethink their love affair with junk food, with new research by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) finding that Australians are eating too much added sugar, with the majority coming from junk food and drinks.

3 Apr 2016
LiveLighter takes the fight to junk food

The LiveLighter Campaign is urging West Australians to reduce their consumption of junk food as a key strategy to reduce the epidemic of overweight and obesity.

19 Jan 2016
Parents ask for a break as Easter eggs hatch early

As supermarkets across the State fill their shelves with Easter eggs, West Australians are becoming tired of the retail cycle that makes festive seasons a 365-day affair.

13 Nov 2015
LiveLighter urges stronger restrictions on junk food marketing to kids

Australia’s leading healthy lifestyle program, LiveLighter, has called on government to take further action in restricting junk food marketing to children.

12 Nov 2015
New research adds weight to LiveLighter’s sugary drinks campaign

Research from Curtin University published in today’s Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health has found that West Australians who are obese are more likely to consume sugary drinks than those who are a healthy weight.