The school years are a time of learning and development. They are also a time where children are still quite dependent on parents and carers. This is a great age to participate in fun, family-based activities that will help to develop lifelong healthy lifestyle habits.

Participating with and involving children in activities from backyard games to choice of meals and food preparation is a great way to role model healthy behaviours.

Create some ‘together time’ for family activities. Check out our ideas for home-based activities that will be fun and can involve the whole family together.

Developing healthy eating habits

Make the most of meal times, encourage your children to help with the cooking with your children and see our ideas for fussy eaters

Party planning

Children's parties are loaded with high energy drinks and foods. We'll show you how to make children's parties healthier without loosing the fun.

Getting active at home

Physical activity is important so go back to basics and get active with your children. You may remember some of these fun activities from when you were young!