Buying and cooking meals using primarily fresh produce will save money and provide the energy and nutrition our families need.

Here you will find handy tips, recipes and quick and easy ideas for families to reach the healthy food guidelines, purchase healthier options, and get those recommended serves into your family’s day. Don't forget to pass these tips along to anyone who provides regular care to your children, like grandparents!


Children can be hungry after school. LiveLighter have some great healthy recipes suitable for morning tea or after school snacks. Some of which children can help prepare!

  • Take out frozen muffins to be defrosted in time for children’s return home.
  • A small bowl of dry or wet cereal is a healthy way to help tie children over until dinner time.
  • Dips and vegies
  • Provide children a choice from two healthy selections. For example: snack on a piece of fruit, or a slice of LiveLighter’s Blueberry and Banana Bread.
  • Check out our 'Lunchbox Guide' with your children for fun healthy ideas.


  • Ensure food can be seen
    Have a fruit bowl for items not stored in fridge. Chop up bite-sized fruit and veg and store in the fridge for snack time


Breakfast is a really important meal of the day. A high-fibre breakfast before school will provide energy to help get children off to a great start to the day, and can assist with maintaining concentration in the classroom.

Try to choose less processed, wholegrain-based products. LiveLighter have many delicious, healthy recipes to choose from, just type 'breakfasts' in the recipe search bar.

Surprisingly, many popular breakfast cereals are high in sugar and salt and low in fibre. Use our label reading card to see which breakfast cereals meet the guidelines.

Remember cereals are not the only type of food suitable for breakfast.


If you or your family are struggling to get the recommended serves of some food groups, breakfasts are a great and easy way to get some of those extra serves in:
  • Try adding fruit and yoghurt to porridge or muesli.
  • Throw some vegies into your omelet, or have some beans on top of toast.
Healthy Child Guidelines

LiveLighter has several tasty breakfast options including hot and cold options, and smoothies:


Choose water first

Did you know that thirst is actually a sign of dehydration? Water is so important to our bodies, find out a quick tip to see if you're getting enough water. Also do you know the difference between fruit juice and fruit drink? Find out


For tasty meals the whole family can enjoy, search LiveLighter’s recipe selection. Using the search feature, you will find recipes for healthy breakfasts, snacks, lunchbox ideas, suitable for freezing, desserts and much more!


Exclusive breastfeeding to the age of about six months gives the best nutritional start to infants.

It is recommended that breastfeeding continue until 12 months of age and thereafter as long as mutually desired. Breastfeeding provides short and long-term benefits to both the mother and the infant.

Tips & Tricks

  • Fill your plate with colour
    A great way to get more fruit and vegetables into your family's diet is to provide a variety of food with lots of different colours. Eat Brighter LiveLighter has lots of information on why you should choose a variety of coloured food.
  • Fill your plate with colour
    A great way to get more fruit and vegetables into your family's diet is to provide a variety of food with lots of different colours. Our Fruit and Veg page has lots of information on why you should choose a v