Spending more of your food dollars on healthy ‘eat more’ food can save you money at the checkout and last longer.  To make the most of your food budget, check out the simple guide to spending on the food groups

Choosing a range of products from each of the food groups (grains and cereals; vegetables; fruit; milk, yoghurt, cheese or alternatives; lean meat, poultry and fish), is the best way to get all the nutrients our bodies need.

The 'Eat most' foods

Avocado Avocado
beans Beans
Capsicum Capsicum
Carrot Carrot
Cherry Tomatoes Tomatoes
Cucumber Cucumber
Fruit Fruit
Green Peas Snow Peas
Lentils Lentils
Lettuce Lettuce
Mountain Bread Mountain Bread
Mushrooms Mushroooms
Onions Onions
Pasta Pasta
Potatos Pumpkin
Rice Rice
Whole Meal Bread Wholemeal Bread


These are just some examples of the Eat Most foods. They include breads, grains and cereals, fruit and vegetables, legumes and beans. Aim for wholemeal and wholegrain varieties.

60% of your food budget

If you started with $100, around $60 dollars should be spent in this section

The 'Eat some' foods

Cheese Cheese
Chicken Chicken
Egg Egg
Meat Meat
Milk Milk
Nuts Nuts
Tuna Tuna
Yoghurt Yoghurt


'Eat Some' foods include lean meat and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds.  As well as dairy products such as milk yoghurt, cheese and/or alternatives.  Aim for low fat dairy products without added sugars and lean meats.

30% of your food budget

If you started with $100, around $30 dollars should be spent in this section

The 'Eat least' foods

These foods tend to be high in fat, salt or sugar or a combination of each. They will cost more, be less healthy and be less filling than products in the other sections.

If you plan to buy ‘eat least’ food, try to limit spending to 10% of your budget.

If you started with $100, this would mean only around $10 should be spent on ‘eat least’ food.

Healthy Child Guidelines

Tips to help you remember

  • A simple way to remember which food groups belong where is that eat most foods tend to come from plants, eat some generally from animals, and eat least from the factories.
  • The Healthy Eating Shopping Trolley is another way to see how much we should spend on 'eat most', 'eat some' and 'eat least' foods to make the most of our money.

*The Healthy Eating Shopping Trolley poster is a Department of Health Western Australia