Children who are physically active from an early age are likely to continue to be active throughout their lifetime, ultimately improving their health.

Regular physical activity throughout life is likely to result in a healthy mind and body with physical and academic benefits. Both structured and unstructured activities help children develop physical, mental and social skills as well as fundamental motor skills (known commonly as coordination).

Spending family time together is a great and simple way for parents and carers to role model healthy lifestyle habits, and there’s plenty of fun ways families can be active together!

Use this section to gather ideas on ways to get active through family activities away from the home.


Active Play

Get back to basics with some fun active ideas for children's play

Active Families

Check out our simple ideas to get the whole family active together

Know your neighbourhood

See our tips on making the most of local facilities to safely start moving more

Fun family outdoor activities

  • Family picnics

    Use some of your home cooked meals and snacks and have a picnic at a favourite family spot.

  • Swimming

    Swimming is a great family activity, hit the pool or head to the beach. Perhaps you could take some sports gear and have a game of cricket, or grip ball on the sand.

  • Day trips

    There are lots of free or low cost places to visit in WA. Family trips together could be to a park, the beach, off bushwalking, to a local playground or lake. Even visiting the zoo will keep your family moving!

  • Walk the dog

    Get out and about with the family dog. See more of you neighbourhood on foot and discover what you’ve been missing in the car, even discover neighbourhood facilities you could access as a family.

  • Check out the neighbourhood facilities

    Parks, wetlands, playgrounds, and sports courts (basketball, tennis, ovals etc.) are often closer than you think. They offer spaces for a broad range of family activities including games, walks, picnics and use of equipment. Schedule some family time to access these free local facilities.

  • Family bike rides

    Taking the family out for a bike ride is a great way to get out and explore your city. Many cities and councils publish a list of bike paths in the local area on their website.

  • Too busy? Set aside time to get out as a family.

    Great ways to fit in some active family time together outdoors include; watch one less TV show; use travelling time; or drop into open spaces or playgrounds on the way home from school.

  • When all together, try out and share new equipment such as skateboards, bicycles, and rollerblades.