I'm going to eat better and regain my strength so I can manage my illness and lift my grandchildren again.

My daughter and I used to go to the gym together regularly. We put that on hold for a while last year while I travelled up north to visit family. Up there, I contracted Ross River Virus which hit me hard, slowing me down from a run to a crawl. Because I wasn’t able to be as active, and my other bad habits continued, I stacked on the weight.

I grew up in Wiilmen country, near Katanning. Around 30 years ago, I moved to Perth for work and started to buy takeaway junk food because it was pre-prepared and convenient. With 4 children and 7 step-children, life has always been busy. I now have 13 grandchildren, which is lovely, but it’s made me re-think what I’m doing with my health. We’re losing too many Aboriginal people in their 50’s and 60’s to preventable diseases. I’m 50 next year and I want to be around for my grandchildren.

My husband and I both have Type 2 diabetes and I’ve decided it’s time to take this seriously and get it under control because I don’t want to end up on dialysis. I need to get fitter so I can manage the symptoms of Ross River Virus and I want to regain my strength so I can lift my grandchildren again I’m hoping LiveLighter will also help me improve my eating habits, so that I can help my husband and my kids.