Using the stairs used to be really hard but now I have more energy and can do a lot more.

My family and my girlfriend were worried about my health so I decided I wanted to be healthier. I used to eat a lot at night, I didn't eat fruit, drank sugary drinks every day and I didn't do any exercise.

It was really good timing that I got to work on the LiveLighter website. The first thing I did was make a plan to exercise. I chose to go to the gym and take up kite surfing, which I love, and now I go kite surfing three to four times a week. I slowly and gradually kicked the bad habits and made small changes and I noticed that my mood has changed. I feel like a different person.

I used to weigh 137kg and my girlfriend who lives in Brazil hadn't seen me for eight months. I was 20kg lighter when I met her at the airport. She was shocked and curious about what I was doing as I have tried to lose weight before and been unsuccessful. My goal is to be around 90 – 95kg, which is healthy for my height and I know I can do it because I am already halfway there.

My favourite recipe is the steak sandwich, it's easy and it's ‘man food'. Healthy food is not more expensive than take-away; you just have to choose carefully. I am in sedentary job so it is a challenge to be active but you have to create time to do it. Now I walk at lunchtime and exercise after work.

Anyone can do it and I hope I can help motivate people. I hope people will trust the information on this website as I have found it really helpful. It's important to have a plan, if you can see what you will be eating for the week and have ideas for recipes and track how you are going, it really helps to keep you motivated.