I want to be healthier, have more energy and be a good role model for my daughter.

I don't want to be the stereotype of a single mum who is too busy to be healthy. It's easy to fall into that trap but I want to show my daughter, Grace, that there is a world out there to be explored and she doesn't need to sit in front of the TV and snack on biscuits.

I had a moment in the change rooms when I was trying on pants and a size 16 didn't fit, I knew I had to do something. I received the LiveLighter newsletter the next day and it sounded great because it's free; to me this meant this was a genuine program that wants to help people.

I've seen my parents get bigger and bigger and there's diabetes and heart disease in the family so it's really scary. I'm turning 30 this year and I don't have any health concerns but I don't want to be the biggest I have ever been. I'd like to be able to wear skinny jeans and heels!

I bought a treadmill last Christmas and still haven't used it. I work in an office with lots of men who are always bringing in cakes and pies so I need to be disciplined and make sure I stick to eating fruit and vegetables and actually use my treadmill.

There are people who are busier than me and if they can find the time to prepare healthy meals and exercise then so can I. Grace and I can cook together, we can make simple changes like swapping cut up potatoes that we normally deep fry, for sweet potatoes baked in the oven. We want to be healthy and have more energy so when we spend time together we aren't so tired.

When I have a new routine with healthy habits and my confidence builds, perhaps I might meet that special someone. I hope people will see that no matter what circumstances you are in, you don't have to let it get in the way of living a healthier life.