Being healthier is a great feeling, you want to keep going and keep feeling better.


It's such a good feeling to jump out of bed in the morning and have lots of energy. I've dropped a dress size and people have been giving me compliments which has helped build my confidence.

We don't have unhealthy food at home anymore; we shop regularly and stopped buying takeout and eating on the run. It took us a while to get into a routine but now it's automatic. It's so easy to whip up healthy meals and snacks and we both feel amazing.

We have been renovating our house so it's been hard to fit in exercise around that and work but we know our weight will plateau if we just keep up the healthy eating alone. We need to do more exercise and do it together as soon as we get home. We still take the dog for a walk but I don't get as puffed out as quickly anymore!


I've lost about 20kg so far and I feel so much better. Sarah and I have pushed and supported each other and I've noticed a huge change in her. It's not easy having a mobile business but Sarah has been a huge help, she makes my lunches in the morning and has stepped up dramatically in the amount of cooking she does.

We've been renovating our house every weekend for three months and before there would have been no way I could bend over reticulation for two days straight and then be upright and moving around well after.

We recently went on a cruise together and while we know which meals to pick that are healthier we knew it wasn't going to be the same as preparing them ourselves. We compensated by using the gym more and taking the stairs everyday instead of the elevator. The gym was at the front of the boat and you looked over the ocean while you were on the treadmill so it was easy to keep going.

A few of my clients are now using the Planner and it's a great feeling knowing that I have motivated them to make healthier choices. I really want us to keep our healthier lifestyle going so we can keep feeling this good.