Savoury Muffins

Making a few small changes can make your favourite dishes healthier. This quick guide will have you modifying recipes in no time!

If your recipe says... ...try this instead

Meat and alternatives

Beef mince Low fat mince, chicken or kangaroo mince
Use lentils or beans to replace half the meat
Preserved meats like bacon or salami Lean meats like chicken or turkey breast
Sausages Home-made rissoles, lean sausages, chicken or kangaroo sausages
Chicken thigh Chicken breast
Tuna in oil Tuna in springwater


Cream Reduced fat evaporated milk in cooking
Low fat natural or vanilla yoghurt
Sour cream Light sour cream, low fat natural yoghurt or buttermilk
Cheese Reduced fat cheese or use a smaller amount of a stronger tasting cheese eg. Parmesan

Breads and cereals

White bread Multigrain or wholemeal breads, wraps, muffins or crumpets
White pasta Wholemeal or high fibre pasta
Try adding some steamed ribbons of zucchini, carrot or pumpkin to your spaghetti
Rice Brown rice or a low GI rice e.g. basmati. Try half white and half brown to get you started (remember brown rice needs to cook for longer than white rice)


Salt Herbs, spices, lemon, chilli, ginger, garlic
Stock or stock cubes Home-made stock (no added salt), reduced salt commercial stock or water with extra herbs and spices
Sauces No added salt or reduced salt versions, or swap for fresh herbs and lemon
Salad dressings Make your own using vinegar or low fat yoghurt rather than oil or cream


Sugar Reduce the sugar to as little as ¼ cup for every 1 cup of flour Add cinnamon, allspice, vanilla essence and fruits for extra flavor
Butter Margarine or olive/canola oil
Halve the quantity and replace the other half with unsweetened apple sauce or apple puree, low fat natural yoghurt or mashed banana
Shortcrust or puff pastry Filo pastry brushed with low-fat milk or a light spray of olive or canola oil between sheets
Bread makes a good substitute for pastry in a quiche
White flour Wholemeal flour or use a mix of white and wholemeal

Fruit and vegetables

Canned fruit in syrup Fresh, frozen or canned fruit in juice
Canned vegetables Fresh, frozen or reduced salt canned vegetables
Coconut cream Reduced fat coconut milk or evaporated milk flavoured with a couple of drops of coconut essence

For more healthy cooking tips, see Healthy Cooking at Home.