Feeding the family can be hefty on the wallet. The good news is providing healthy (and tasty!) food doesn’t have to be expensive!

Take a look at our tips and tricks to help make the most out of your meals and save dollars.

Feeding your family

See our quick and easy ideas to get your family choosing and enjoying tasty healthier options

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Saving time and money

Make the most of your food purchases with our simple guides to shopping and extending meals

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Family time

Discover easy ways to role model healthy habits, reduce children’s screen time, and enjoy the outdoors

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Money Saving Tips and Tricks

  • Plan some meals for the week
    Check your pantry and write a list. Avoid food (and money) waste by purchasing only what you need.
  • Buy in bulk
    Freezing cheap bulk purchases will save time and money. Remember, you don’t always need to shop at big-chain stores, other options include markets and greengrocers.
  • Compare the unit price (cost per kilo) of food when shopping
    See how easy it is.
  • Purchase locally grown products and produce
    It costs money to transport food from interstate or overseas, which you pay for at the checkout. Save money by buying local.
  • Make vegetables the base of your meals, not meat
    Add volume to your meal by purchasing and cooking cheaper 'eat most' food to have with your lean meat. You will reach your daily 5 serves of vegies easier, and save. When buying meat, the cheaper cuts of meat are great for curries, stews and casseroles, try adding in a few extra vegies to these too. Take a look at our winter recipe book for some tasty ideas!
  • Choose fruit and vegetables which are in season
    Make the most of plentiful, fresh in season fruit and veg which are cheaper than purchasing imported produce.
  • Extend your meals 
    Keep some tinned products such as crushed tomatoes, lentils, or 4 bean mix in the pantry to bulk up meals when there are extra mouths to feed. Take a look at our guide to making the most of leftovers and freezer space
  • Pack home made work and school lunches and snacks
    By spending a little bit of time planning, you can have peace of mind knowing your lunchbox meals are affordable, tasty and healthy. Using leftovers, cooking in bulk and freezing, are options to keep time and money on track!
  • Home grown herbs, vegetables and fruit taste great!
    If you have space, start a herb or vegetable garden with the family, add delicious flavour to your meals and get fresh produce straight from the backyard.
  • Be aware of supermarket layout 
    The five core food groups tend to be located around the outside of the supermarket, more processed food tend to be up the isles. Use the cost per kilo to compare products and look at the high and low shelves for cheaper products.
  • Don’t shop when you’re hungry
    You are more likely to avoid impulse buys at the checkout
  • Save on petrol and parking
    Leave the car at home and go by foot to destinations in walking distance – shops, parks, sports grounds.