Halt those extra kilos this festive season


It’s that time of year where social occasions fill up the calendar and finding time to exercise and maintain healthy eating habits becomes harder. So aside from pledging the common New Year’s resolutions what can we do to beat the Christmas bulge?

Preventing the weight gain is a far better approach than waiting until the New Year to burn off those extra kilos. If you have been eating healthier and established a regular exercise routine this year than there’s no reason to give it up now.

LiveLighter Campaign Director Maria Szybiak says to try and choose healthier options but to just enjoy the time with your loved ones.

“We all tend to over-indulge a bit on Christmas Day so don’t beat yourself up, enjoy the festivities and focus on making healthier choices on the remaining days of the year.”

LiveLighter’s top tips to stay healthy this festive season:

  • Walk more. Park further away from the shops, walk around while you’re on the phone and encourage family and friends to walk before or after a meal.
  • Make the most of delicious seasonal fruit as snacks and for iced water cocktails.
  • Give or ask for healthier Christmas presents such as healthy recipe books, pedometers or exercise gear.
  • Watch your portion size. You don’t have to cut things out especially if your options are limited just eat a smaller amount and fill up on vegies.
  • Trim the fat. As BBQ season comes into play remember to trim your meat and poultry of all visible fat and look for minced varieties that are they are lower in saturated fat and salt.

LiveLighter has lots of information to help people stay healthy over the festive season, from free healthy recipes, tips and advice on their website.

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