by Anne Finch, Accredited Practising Dietitian for LiveLighter

Christmas bauble

I’m not here to tell you to eat celery sticks for Christmas lunch.

One blow-out day is not the end of the world if that’s what you want to do! But I do want to push back against the idea that Christmas has to be a time of over-indulgence. And that providing healthy options makes you a Grinch. So here’s a few ways to lighten your Christmas lunch that will fly under the radar.

1. Appetisers

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These are the little bowls of things that I always fill up on by accident. Try these tips to make sure your guests save tummy room for the main event!

  • Make vegie, bean or yoghurt based dips – we’ve got some lovely recipes here
  • Add some colour to your trays. Add vegie sticks, olives and cherry tomatoes to your antipasti platters
  • Bowls of fancy flavoured popcorn are great to nibble on

 2. Drinks

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There’s a surprising number of kilojoules in your favourite Christmas tipple. A standard drink of wine or beer is roughly equivalent to a donut! And when you keep in mind that most drinks we pour are more like 2 standard drinks… you can see how it all adds up. Less booze = less kilojoules and a clearer head the next day!

  • Offer lower alcohol options like light beer, reduced alcohol wine/ sparkling and punch with plenty of juice and ice
  • Put bottles of water in the same esky as the booze – it’ll remind people to take a break and hydrate
  • Make a fancy non-alcoholic drink. We’ve got some beautiful ideas here, including the festive-coloured strawberry and mint sparkling drink.

More tips from our dietitian Ali on what to drink when you’re not drinking

3. Salads

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I’m not talking about a sad and soggy lettuce that people put on their plate out of a sense of duty. I’m talking about big, bold, colourful and satisfying salads that will have people coming back for more.

  • Roast vegies are crazy good in salads. Roast pumpkin, onion and zucchini in your favourite spice mix, add some feta and baby spinach and boom. Terrific with roast beef.
  • Add some fruit. Currants in a rice salad, green apple in a coleslaw, mango in a salsa
  • Dress(ing) it up. Swap half the mayo for yoghurt in a creamy dressing, and use less oil and more citrus in vinaigrettes. Remember to wait till the last minute to make sure you don’t end up with a soggy mess

Want more tips on how to “hero” your vegies? Click here.

4. Sweets

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Dessert is often the thing that pushes us over the edge into food coma territory. Try taking a good break (and even a gentle stroll!) before dessert to let your lunch settle and improve your digestion. There’s also loads of ways to take the sting out of sweets.

  • Feature the fruit. Cherries, mangoes, nectarines, melon and peaches are all at their best at Christmas! Make a lovely fruit platter, or feature these fruits in your dessert.
  • Instead of double cream, use whipped cream, vanilla yoghurt or even ice cream for a lighter option.
  • Portion control. Mini fruit mince pies and small pieces of cake give people the option of having just a little taste.
  • Looking for something refreshing, but not so traditional? Check out our lovely popsicles and sorbets.

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