LiveLighter experts applaud as health groups throw down challenge to Coca-Cola


Experts from the LiveLighter campaign are applauding peak health and community organisations today for their powerful letter to Coca-Cola asking them to take real action in tackling the obesity issue in Australia.

LiveLighter Campaign Director Maria Szybiak said the key measures that the group outlined to Coca-Cola directly align with LiveLighter's push to urge Western Australians to reduce their sugary drink intake.

"We have been advocating for a healthier WA and one change we need to see is that the healthy choice becomes the easy choice for everyone. Having big companies like this heavily marketing unhealthy food and drink completely undermines positive public health messages."

"Obesity is largely a commercial success and companies like Coca-Cola have been a huge participant and beneficiary of that commercial success. If these companies are serious about change, they would reduce the sugar content in their high-kilojoule beverages, get them out of children's settings and sports and stop marketing to kids and teenagers."

"Sugary drinks are now too common in the Western Australian diet and there is no doubt these empty kilojoules are contributing to our expanding waistline," said Steve Pratt, Nutrition and Physical Activity Manager at Cancer Council WA.

"Marketing has promoted junk food and drinks to the point of convincing the general population that they are part of a 'balanced diet'. We simply do not need junk food or drink."

Ms Szybiak said: "Annually 56 billion dollars is spent on obesity related conditions. With two-thirds of adults in WA who are either overweight or obese, this cost will only continue to grow unless we see positive changes to our environment."

"Junk food and drink companies are not part of the solution to obesity and often their campaigns are cleverly crafted to shift the blame for obesity away from their core business. This new and united message from health groups is a step in the right direction."


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