LiveLighter urges Victorians to spring back to a healthy routine


As the days start to get longer and warmer, LiveLighter is urging Victorians to use the change of seasons as a chance to start making healthier lifestyle choices.

Research shows winter weight gain is common, with nearly four in ten women (38 per cent) and one in two men (53 per cent) typically putting on up to five kilograms[1] during the season. But these extra kilos have a habit of staying put as Victorians continue to gain weight as they age[2]

With more than 11 million Australians overweight or obese, LiveLighter Manager Alice Bastable is urgently calling on Aussies to adopt small healthy lifestyle changes today in order to get back on track and achieve a healthy weight.

“Despite our best intentions, it’s easy to gain a few extra kilos over winter. It’s when we continue to gain weight each year that it begins to significantly impact our health. As we age, it can be harder to lose this weight- so it’s best to begin breaking unhealthy habits as soon as possible,” Ms Bastable said.


Recent studies have revealed the importance of breaking old habits, such as choosing unhealthy snacks, and forming healthy habits in managing a healthy weight[3]. Ms Bastable encourages Aussies to take advantage of spring’s fresh produce and adopt new simple healthy habits.

“Spring vegetables are packed with flavour and can add colour, flavour and vitamins to your meals. LiveLighter has some delicious recipes that make the most of what’s in season and help you hit the daily recommended serves of two fruits and five vegetables,” Ms Bastable said.

“If you’re unsure of how to prepare a particular fruit or veg LiveLighter also has a great guide to various fruits and vegetables and how to serve them,” Ms Bastable said.

Along with healthy eating, being active and sitting less are also important for maintaining a healthy weight. LiveLighter encourages Victorians to aim to do at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity physical activity a week —and spring is a great time to start.

“Weaving physical activity in to your day takes a little forward planning but requires little cost and minimal time. This could mean going for a quick walk as soon as you get home from work instead of switching on the TV, or taking public transport instead of driving. Remember, a brisk 30-45 minute walk on most days of the week definitely counts as exercise, or you can break it into a few 10 or 15 minute sessions to make it easier to achieve,” Ms Bastable said.


LiveLighter’s top tips on adopting a healthy lifestyle this spring:

  • Watch your portion size
  • Avoid sugary drinks
  • Cut back on salt
  • Cut back on alcohol
  • Watch the fats you eat
  • Go for 2 fruit and 5 veg – find out what’s in season with LiveLighter’s guide
  • Cut back on sugar
  • Choose healthy snacks
  • Be active everyday
  • Head to the LiveLighter website for more information, resources and tips

About LiveLighter LiveLighter is a public health education campaign encouraging Australians to lead healthier lives by changing what they eat and drink and being more active.

In Victoria, the campaign is delivered by Cancer Council Victoria. In Western Australia, the LiveLighter campaign is delivered by Cancer Council WA and is funded by the State Government of Western Australia. For more information visit

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