McDonalds home delivery spreads junk food net wider


The David and Goliath battle between junk food giants and public health campaigners has amped up with McDonalds now trialling a home delivery service in the city of Karratha.

“Junk food giants delivering burgers, fries, sugary drinks and pizzas are making these products high in saturated fat, sugar and salt more accessible, particularly in socially disadvantaged communities,” Heart Foundation WA Chief Executive Maurice Swanson said.

“The tactics being used by junk food companies, including aggressive marketing to children and home delivery, will add to our growing obesity epidemic.”

“Junk food might seem like an easier option, especially having it delivered to your step, but eating it will increase the amount of toxic fat around your organs increasing your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and several cancers.”

Evidence shows that if you have a “grabbable” gut you’re nearly three times more likely to die of a heart attack, even if you’re in the healthy weight range.

“It is disappointing to see junk food chains cashing in on people’s busy lifestyles and lack of transport which completely undermines public health messages and campaigns like LiveLighter.”

“Healthy living is for everyone, we all need to eat less junk, enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods and be more active,” LiveLighter Campaign Director Maria Szybiak said.

“Obesity is largely a commercial success. Not only is the majority of fast food high in sugar, salt and fat but it is energy dense, provides little nutrition and the minimum spending limit encourages you to buy more.”

“These junk food providers are making it extremely difficult for this remote community to combat the obesity epidemic.”

“Junk food is far too common in West Australians’ diet. We need to make the healthy choice become the easy choice for everyone in WA.”

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