Media Note: 4 in 5 Australians are not eating enough fruit and vegetables


If you are covering the CSIRO findings that four in five Australians are not eating enough fruit and vegetables, Ms Jenny Atkins is available for comment on the following:


    • This confirms what we’ve known for a while, Australians do not eat enough fruit and vegetables for good health.
    • One way to increase vegetable intake is to try to eat a range of colours. When you think of fruit and vegetables, think colour instead. The more colour you add to your meal, the healthier you’ll be.
    • The Eat Brighter, Live Lighter section of the LiveLighter® website has a range of tips on eating more fruit and vegetables.

Why not try LiveLighter’s 5 ways to get your 5 a day   

    1. Try meat free Mondays – choosing a vegetarian meal will likely boost your vegie intake
    2. Breakfast vegetables! (not as weird as it sounds; baked beans, smashed avo and grilled mushrooms are all breakfast favourites)
    3. Make half your plate vegies

    4. Swap sweet spreads for fruit. Banana and peanut butter or strawberry and ricotta are great fruity toast combos
    5. Have a Crunch and Sip break! Base your snacks around fruit and vegies