Media Note: KFC announces home delivery trial


LiveLighter responds to the recent announcement by KFC Australia that they are soon to commence home delivery trials, Ms Andrea Western, LiveLighter’s Senior Policy Advisor, is available for comment on the following:

  • Contributing to an epidemic? Overweight and obesity rates are growing at alarming levels and diseases such as fatty liver disease affects one in four adults, and one in eight adolescents in Australia. Is it responsible to introduce junk food deliveries?
  • Tactics being used by junk food companies, including home delivery and aggressive marketing to children adds to our growing obesity epidemic.
  • Junk food delivered to your door may seem like a convenience but eating it can increase toxic fat around your organs increasing your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and several cancers.
  • The majority of junk food is high in sugar, salt and fat. It’s energy dense, provides little nutrition and home delivery encourages people to increase their consumption. Find out what’s really on the menu with LiveLighter’s Junk Food Calculator.
  • Junk food is common in West Australians’ diets. Public health campaigns raise awareness to make the healthy choice become the easy choice for everyone in WA. It’s disappointing to see junk food chains undermine these public health messages and campaigns like LiveLighter.
  • Healthy living is important for everyone, we all need to eat less junk, enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods and be more active. For more information visit

Contact: Michelle Weall, Marketing & Communications Manager, LiveLighter

M: 0430 465 657