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by LiveLighter,

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The gym is closed, boot camp has been cancelled and your daily walk to and from the office has disappeared now that you’re working from home. We all know how good physical activity is for our body and mind, but how do we keep our fitness up when our regular routines have gone out the window?

To help keep you motivated (or to start you off if exercise has never been your thing) LiveLighter have put together a 30-day exercise challenge for April that you can do from the comfort of your own home!  

Here’s how to get involved*

  • Download a digital version of the challenge calendar or print out a copy if you’d prefer
  • Challenge yourself to do the nominated exercise on each day during April
  • If an exercise is too hard or easy, feel free to adjust the number of repetitions or sets
  • Follow the LiveLighter Facebook or Instagram page each day for more information on completing individual exercise challenges
  • On days that involve mindful breathing or walking, follow the instructions here
  • Use the hashtag #movemoreapril when posting photos and videos to socials and if you are sharing you challenge through stories, be sure to tag the @livelightercampaign, that way we can re-share your posts onto our channels.

Pro tip: Invite a friend to do the challenge with you virtually. Set a time each day to Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime or just meet up on the regular old telephone (use speaker phone to make it easier!)

*If you have an injury, physical disability, joint or muscle pain or other health concerns we recommend having a chat with your doctor before starting on this exercise plan.

Ready? Let’s get physical!

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