Public Health vs. the Junk Food Giants


A David and Goliath battle is taking place on WA's television screens, with the launch of three new LiveLighter advertisements this week. These advertisements encourage viewers to think about the simple, healthy lifestyle changes they could make each day. It could be as simple as choosing a packed lunch over the drive-thru, or choosing the stairs over the escalator.

Unfortunately, these important health messages are scheduled in amongst an ocean of advertisements promoting unhealthy foods and takeaway restaurants.

"Nearly $6 million was spent on advertising junk food in WA in the first three months of 2012," said Maurice Swanson, CEO of the Heart Foundation (WA Division).

"In comparison, the advertising budget of the LiveLighter campaign this year is approximately $900,000."

Mr Swanson said it's one of the major challenges for public health campaigns all over the world.

"The important information contained in public health advertisements is at risk of being swamped by the unhelpful messages promoted by the junk food giants," he said

"That's one of the reasons why we've taken a harder-hitting approach with the LiveLighter campaign. We need people to sit up, take notice and do something positive for their health!"

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