Queensland prepares to LiveLighter


Western Australia's LiveLighter campaign is set to make an impact on the other side of the nation, with the Queensland Government announcing a multi-million dollar investment in a hard-hitting public health campaign. It's understood the campaign will be modelled on LiveLighter's approach.

Maurice Swanson, Chief Executive of the Heart Foundation, said LiveLighter advertisements have been well-received in WA, with evidence the campaign is having the desired effect.

"The Department of Health Western Australia should be congratulated for being the first in the country to make a significant investment in a comprehensive, hard-hitting approach to tackle obesity," he said.

"The levels of awareness are very strong, particularly when compared to other social marketing campaigns. Even better, the campaign appears to be resonating with those who are overweight or obese, more so than those who are a healthy weight."

While the LiveLighter advertisements are known for the confronting images of toxic fat, Mr Swanson believes Queenslanders will benefit from knowing the truth about what is going on inside their bodies.

"There's a big difference between using so-called 'scare tactics' and presenting the grave reality of what overweight and obesity is doing to our nation."

"The vision used in the advertisements is real. It was taken in a Perth hospital during an operation on a patient who was only moderately overweight . We need to know the truth, so we can make informed choices in our everyday lives," he continued.

The LiveLighter campaign is being comprehensively evaluated with adults and teenagers to ensure the messages are effective, without causing harm. There have been no signs of unintended consequences to date.

The Department of Health Western Australia has funded the campaign until June 2014. It is complemented by a comprehensive website, suite of resources and social media presence.


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