Save yourself from a sugary Easter fate


LiveLighter is urging West Australians to think about their extra energy intake this Easter as they reveal not only the amount of activity needed to work off the decadent chocolates but also how the total energy in those chocolates can be found in an entire meal.

LiveLighter Campaign Director, Maria Szybiak says it’s important to make the time to enjoy extra physical activity throughout what can be an over-indulgent long weekend.

“Easter is the perfect time for family, friends and active fun. But it’s also a time when temptation is close. Eating just two solid Easter eggs steals 10% of your recommended daily energy intake and replaces nutrients found in healthy food,” Ms Szybiak said.

“If you do have those extra Easter eggs, it’s important to remember that it takes 40 minutes of walking to burn off that extra energy.”

“During the Easter break, people often indulge in extra, rich food, so it’s important to also indulge in physical activity to burn those extra kilojoules our bodies just don’t need.”

West Australians need to get their bottoms up and moving during the holiday season, whether it’s an Easter egg hunt, sunset walk, backyard cricket or a bike ride.

“Skipping entire nutritious meals to indulge in a chocolate bunny is daft. But knowing you are consuming extra energy and taking the time to burn that off is a much smarter option,” she said.

LiveLighter also reminds people not to forget their daily two serves of fruit and five serves of vegies this Easter.

“Put two fruit and five veg on the shopping list this Easter.”

LiveLighter’s top five tips for a healthier Easter are:

  1. Go for two serves of fruit and five serves of vegies every day this Easter break.
  2. Balance any extra energy intake with fun and active play.
  3. Be creative. Organise an Easter Egg hunt with a twist using cheddar bunnies or Easter themed stickers.
  4. Don’t skip nutritious meals for chocolate.
  5. Give your Easter menu a makeover. Fill it with healthy and delicious recipes from LiveLighter.

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Walking equivalent (minutes)

Easter Chocolate

Energy (kJ)

Fat (g)

Sugar (g)

71 kg

Male,35yrs, 1.76m,
86 kg

Cadbury Crème egg (39g)



25.1 (6 tsp)



Cadbury mini eggs x 6 (total 19g)



12.7 (3 tsp)



Red tulip humpty dumpty (165g)



101.1 (25 tsp)



Lindt gold bunny (100g)



49 (12 tsp)



Cadbury solid eggs (2 x 17g eggs)*from Calorie King



19.1 (5 tsp)



Some snack equivalents to one Crème egg or two small solid eggs:

  • One LiveLighter Hummingbird or Fruity muffin
  • A slice of toast with tomato and avocado
  • 10 rice crackers with 2 tablespoons of homemade hummus
  • 1 cup vegie sticks with 3 tablespoons of guacamole or low-fat sour cream based dip

Some meal equivalents to one 100g bunny:


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