WA's LiveLighter campaign goes viral!


Western Australia's LiveLighter campaign has reached a major internet milestone, with the advertisements now attracting more than 150,000 views on YouTube.

Since its launch in late June, LiveLighter has made headlines around the world, notably in the United Kingdom, Canada and Latin America. The campaign has been widely praised for its hard-hitting approach, which aims to educate Western Australians about the serious health risks associated with being an unhealthy weight.

"Our advertisements show you what many Western Australian surgeons see every single day," said Maurice Swanson, CEO of the Heart Foundation (WA Division).

"The footage is real. It was taken during a surgical procedure in a Perth hospital this year. The disturbing thing is, this patient was only moderately overweight!"

"We need Western Australian adults to be honest with themselves. If you are an unhealthy weight, start making small changes to your lifestyleeat a wide range of healthy foods and move your body more. The closer you are to being a healthy weight, the lower your risk is of developing serious diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers," he continued.

For more information about healthy lifestyle changes, visit www.livelighter.com.au. You can also find us on Facebook (search for live_lighter) and Twitter (@live_lighter).

LiveLighter's YouTube channel can be found at www.youtube.com/user/LiveLighterCampaign.


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