Cowboys' (or girls') Pizza in a Hurry
Prep: 10 mins
Cook: 7 mins
Serves: 2
Do you have fussy eaters? They'll love this vegie-packed "pizza"!


  • 2 medium potatoes , sliced
  • 1 tbs water
  • 2 tomatoes, chopped
  • 1/2 green capsicum, seeded and diced
  • 4 olives, pitted and sliced
  • 1/4 cup reduced-fat mozzarella cheese, grated


  1. Lay potato on a round microwave-safe plate. Sprinkle with water, cover with cling film and microwave on HIGH (100%) for 5-6 minutes or until tender. Drain well on paper towels.
  2. Overlap potato slices on a plate to form a pizza base.
  3. Cover with tomato, capsicum and olives, sprinkle with cheese and microwave on HIGH (100%) for 3-4 minutes until heated through and cheese has melted.

Recipe from Healthy Food Fast © State of Western Australia, 2012. Reproduced with permission.

Healthy tip!

Still hungry? Try a side of salad or vegies before going for seconds.

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Nutrition Information

per serving per 100g
Energy 735 kJ 202 kJ
Protein 9.5 g 2.6 g
Fat, total 3.7 g 1 g
— saturated 2.1 g 0.6 g
Carbohydrate 22.8 g 6.3 g
— sugars 6 g 1.7 g
Sodium 87.9 mg 24.3 mg
Fibre 5.2 g 1.4 g

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