Planning your meals in advance has loads of benefits; less food waste, no more last minute dinner scramble and more family time! Check out these meal plans for inspiration

Tips for healthy family meal times

  • Make half your plate vegetables
  • Sit down together at the table with no distractions (no phones or TV!)
  • Bring the salad or other vegetables to the table but leave the rest of the food in the kitchen. That way you need to get up for seconds and won’t just pick at the food because it’s there
  • Does the recipe feed 6 but there are only 4 in your family?
    • Pack away the extra straight away so you’re not tempted to eat more than you need. Leftovers can be taken for lunches or eaten the next day
  • Does the recipe feed 4 but there are 6 in your family?
    • Bulk up the dish with extra vegetables, a side salad or some bread
  • Get kids to help choose, plan and prepare meals.
    • This teaches them great life skills and they’re more likely to eat it if they’re involved!
    • Try this out on evenings when you have a bit more time. Kids can take a bit longer to do things and cooking will be more fun for everyone if there’s no time pressure!