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Create delicious, healthy salads to help you LiveLighter!

Choose most

Fill at least half your bowl with colourful vegetables.
Leafy greens
These form the foundation of your salad. Place them at the top of your lunchbox to keep them crisp.
Baby spinach Baby spinach Rocket Rocket Iceberg Iceberg lettuce Mixed greens Mixed greens Cabbage Cabbage
Fruit and veg
Have these raw, cooked or canned and choose a variety of colours. Go for at least two serves of veg. One serve of veg is 75g – that’s about one cup raw or half a cup cooked.
Tomato Tomato Celery Celery Cucumber Cucumber Beetroot Beetroot Pumpkin Pumpkin
Carrot Carrot Apple Apple/pear Orange Orange Capsicum Capsicum Broccoli Broccoli
Snow peas Snow peas Alfalfa sprouts Alfalfa sprouts Mushroom Mushroom Avocado Avocado Onion Onion

Choose some

Choose one serve from each group. These ingredients will transform your salad from a side dish to a main meal, but make sure the veg are still the hero.
Grains and cereals
Keep this to ½ a cup, and try to choose wholegrain varieties.
Pasta Pasta/noodles Brown rice Brown rice Couscous Couscous Qunioa Quinoa Corn Corn
Meat and meat alternatives
These will make your salad more satisfying. Choose lean and skinless varieties. Aim for one serve (approx. 80-100g), which is about the size of your palm.
Canned tuna Fish Lean chicken Lean chicken Egg Egg Lean meat Lean meat Beans Beans

Add a little

These optional extras add excitement to your salad.
Crunchy bits
Crunchy additions for extra texture.
Croutons Home-made croutons Seeds Seeds Pita chips Pita chips Nuts Nuts Sprouted beans Sprouted beans
Bursts of flavour
Use for a small dose of big flavours.
Sundried tomatoes Sundried tomatoes Olives Olives Parsley Fresh herbs Reduced fat tasty cheese Reduced fat tasty cheese Dried cranberries Dried fruit
Store in a separate jar and add to your salad at the last minute to keep it fresh.
Balsamic vinegar Balsamic vinegar + olive oil Low fat yoghurt with herbs Low fat yoghurt with herbs Lime Fresh lemon or lime juice Low-fat dressing Commercial/home-made low fat dressing Sweet chilli sauce Sweet chilli sauce