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Ultra-processed junk foods and drinks are loaded with sugar, salt and saturated fat while being low in the essential nutrients we need.

These highly branded and marketed junk foods are making the processed food industry rich at the expense of our health.

Regularly eating junk food and sugary drinks puts us at risk of weight gain and health issues linked to this, including 13 types of cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

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If you're sick of paying top dollar for greasy takeaway packed full of cheap ingredients, then you've come to the right place.

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You can also find healthy takeaway swaps, see our top tips to eat well on a budget, download our takeaway recipe booklet, or learn more about the alarming amount of sugar in different drinks.

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Level up your water game with our tasty recipe ideas.

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Everyday staples without fancy packaging will help you stick to your food budget, and fill plates and tummies too!

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Make healthier versions of your fast food favourites at home with our fully revamped takeaway booklet.

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Weight and cancer: what’s the link?

Carrying excess body fat is a risk factor for 13 types of cancer. It's the fat stored deep inside our body around our organs that is of most concern. Fat cells produce chemicals that can cause the cells in your body to divide abnormally, which may develop into cancer.

Eating well and being active can help you stop gaining weight or lose weight to reduce your risk of cancer. These things will also improve your health and reduce your risk of cancer, regardless of whether or not your weight changes!

Learn more about the link between weight and cancer.

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We've got plenty of other resources to help you bump the junk and eat better.

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The LiveLighter public education campaign aims to raise awareness of the health risks associated with a higher body weight, and motivate people to eat well and be physically active. We don’t wish to make people feel bad about their size or shape. We also acknowledge that for some people, messages about eating and physical activity may be challenging, or raise personal issues.

For information and support related to disordered eating and eating disorders, Butterfly is a wonderful resource. Beyond Blue is another great resource for promoting good mental health, and providing a range of mental health services. Health professionals are directed to the National Eating Disorders Collaboration for information and resources for their practice and to support their clients.