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Aim to reduce sitting time as much as you can.

Being sedentary (i.e. sitting too much) is linked to a number of health risks, including weight gain, and an increased risk of disease. Even if you are meeting the guidelines for physical activity, your time spent sitting will still negatively impact your health, and extra physical activity is required to offset these impacts!

Tip: To help improve blood sugar control, get moving after a meal. Go for a walk, tidy up the house, or get cracking on that pile of dishes!

How to move more often

Here are our top tips to break up sedentary time.

Switch up or switch off

Break up periods of sitting or standing still with small bursts of physical activity. For example, take the opportunity to get up and move during ad breaks or between episodes of your favourite show. Take the bin out, do the dishes, do some light stretches or yoga or try one of our mini workouts! You could also try standing or walking around during phone calls.

Mum and daughter stretching

To reduce sitting time consider restricting the number of hours that you spend at home each day on the TV or computer. Go for a walk, start a vegie garden or spend time kicking a footy with the kids instead.

Did you know?

Did you know that doing more physical activity can partially offset the health risks of too much sitting? While any amount of physical activity is better than none, research suggests that doing at least 60 minutes of moderate-intensity or 30 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity each day is ideal.

Walking in the park

Change how you socialise

Instead of catching up with friends over coffee or a movie why not try something active instead? Going for a walk around the local park (you could even have a go on some of the free fitness equipment), indoor rock climbing or bike riding are all great options!

Stand and work

Adjustable work stations can be great for breaking up prolonged periods of sitting. But don't just stand still! You need to take the opportunity to move around or do some stretches or exercises while you're standing.

Watering the garden

Feeling fired up and ready to get moving?

Keep the momentum going by setting some exercise goals using this easy to use worksheet.