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Sugary drinks calculator

How many of these sugary drinks do you have each week?

Sports Drink
Sports Drink (600ml)
Cola (Bottle)
Cola (Bottle) (600ml)
Cola (Can)
Cola (Can) (375ml)
Lemonade (375ml)
Energy Drink
Energy Drink (250ml)
Energy Drink
Energy Drink (500ml)
Large Slushie
Large Slushie (650ml)
Mega Slushie
Mega Slushie (1150ml)
Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee (600ml)
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk (300ml)
Large Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk (600ml)
Iced Tea
Iced Tea (500ml)
Flavoured Water
Flavoured Water (500ml)
Orange Drink
Orange Drink (600ml)
Vegetable Drink
Vegetable Drink (300ml)
Apple Drink
Apple Drink (350ml)
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Sugary drinks calculator

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Sugary drinks this week

Your weekly sugar intake

teaspoons of sugar from sugary drinks this week
Sugary drinks can pack in as many kilojoules as food, but they don’t fill you up or provide the nutrients that your body needs. Too many sugary drinks can rot our teeth and contribute to weight gain and poor health.
jug 13.27 Litres of sugary drink consumed this year
from sugary
drinks this week
scales kg
Potential weight gain*

How much exercise it would take to use the extra energy from these sugary drinks


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You didn’t have any sugary drinks last week. This means you’re already taking big steps to protect your body from the harmful effects of too much sugar.


* This is the maximum amount (kgs) you could gain per year based on your sugary drink consumption (if you drink this on top of the food your body needs and don't increase your physical activity)

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