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Build delicious, healthy sandwiches to help you LiveLighter!

Choose most

Fruit and Veg
Have them raw, cooked or canned, and aim for a variety of colours and textures.
Tomato Tomato Celery Celery Cucumber Cucumber Carrot Carrot Pumpkin Pumpkin
Beetroot Beetroot Apple Apple/pear Spinach Spinach Capsicum Capsicum Mixed greens Mixed greens
Snow peas Snow peas Alfalfa sprouts Alfafa sprouts Mushroom Mushroom Avocado Avocado Onion Onion

Choose some

Wholegrain, wholemeal and high-fibre white varieties are the best choice. Try something different each time!
Bread roll Bread roll Bread Bread Wrap Wrap Rice cakes Rice cakes Crackers Crackers
Meat and meat alternatives
Choose lean and low-fat options. Aim to have more salad than anything else in your sanger.
Chicken Chicken Lean meat Lean meat Egg Egg Reduced-fat cheese Reduced-fat cheese Canned tuna Fish

Add a little

Tasty spreads
These yummy spreads add excitement to your healthy sandwich.
Hummus Hummus Low-fat mayonnaise Low-fat mayonnaise Pesto Pesto Low-fat cottage cheese Low-fat cottage or ricotta cheese Chutney Chutney or salsa