Don't be sucked in to guzzle 30 teaspoons of sugar


LiveLighter has banded together with leading health groups to urge West Australians to look for healthier ways to feel refreshed as fast food chains promote cheap frozen drinks that in many cases contain about 30 teaspoons of sugar.

Latest figures cast a grim light on the health of the nation, with two-thirds of adults overweight or obese it is evident that everyone can benefit from a few healthier changes; which is the aim of the new LiveLighter print ad launching this weekend.

LiveLighter Campaign Director, Ms Maria Szybiak says that while it’s tempting to grab a frozen sugary drink on a hot day we are only consuming sugar and not getting the other good things that healthy food gives us.

“We need protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and fibre to keep our bodies healthy and these drinks don’t offer anything except empty calories,” Ms Szybiak said.

“The ridiculously cheap prices really do tempt you to want to drink more ‘to get your money’s worth’ and consume a huge amount of calories.”

“We know there is a link between regularly drinking sugary drinks leading to weight gain and obesity, which can lead to many chronic health problems including, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, several cancers and poor dental health.”

“Marketing has promoted junk food and drinks to the point of convincing people that this is a legitimate food group and not an ‘added extra’. The reality is, sugary drinks are not a real food group, and we don’t need junk food and drink to survive.”

“To get the most refreshment for your buck, put your health first, drink water and save yourself the surprise and empty calories by avoiding frozen sugary drinks.”


Approximate amounts of sugar in frozen drinks:

  • A McDonald’s Frozen Sprite Splash plus free refill contains 120g (30 teaspoons) of sugar in total.
  • A large Hungry Jack’s Frozen Coke contains 84g (21 teaspoons) and an extra large serve has 120g (30 teaspoons) of sugar.

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