LiveLighter urges AFL fans to boycott the fatty footy food


Western Australia’s healthy lifestyle campaign, LiveLighter, has called on Eagles and Dockers supporters to forgo the unhealthy food and drinks sold at Domain Stadium and bring their own instead.

LiveLighter has compared commercially available ‘gourmet’ fast food similar to what will be sold at Domain Stadium during the 2015 AFL season with a healthy meal option that can be prepared and brought from home.

A meal purchased from a commercial vendor (a burger, chips and a soft drink) contains more than two and a half times more kilojoules than one brought from home (a home-made sausage and salad roll, an apple and a bottle of water).

There is more than three times the amount of fat in the fast food meal, and almost three times more sugar compared with the BYO option.

“The results are clear – if you want to be healthy at an AFL game, you have to bring your own food and drinks,” Cancer Council WA Nutrition and Physical Activity Manager Steve Pratt said.

“While footy fans are watching some of the fittest and healthiest athletes in Australia, Domain Stadium is not providing them with healthy options.”

LiveLighter has also called on Domain Stadium catering to make public the nutrition information for items sold on game day.

Simone Rhodes, along with her her husband Kane, are West Coast Eagles members who attend all the home games with their children Tyson, five, and Matilda, two. The family from Tapping, in Perth’s mortgage belt, rarely purchase food and drinks at AFL games, preferring to bring their own.

“We don’t buy any of the food or drinks on offer at the footy because it’s junk food basically,” Mrs Rhodes said.

“Cost is also a factor, but it’s more because it’s unhealthy. They do have water for sale, but at almost five dollars a pop, I’ll bring my own.”

Buying food for a family of four at an AFL game can cost more than eighty dollars, according to prices released by Domain Stadium.

“It’s really a double whammy for footy fans when it comes to cost and nutrition,” Mr Pratt said.

“If you buy food at Domain Stadium, you’re essentially paying for overpriced junk food.

“To live lighter and keep your wallet heavier, you should BYO food and drink.”


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