Media note: sugar tax


Ms Maria Szybiak from LiveLighter is available for comment on MP Russell Broadbent's call for a sugar tax, in particular the following points:

  • With more than half of all Australians exceeding the recommendations for added sugar intake, and more than half of this added sugar coming from sugary drinks, LiveLighter applauds Mr Broadbent's actions.
  • A tax on sugary drinks would send a clear message to the public about the health risks associated with drinking too many sugary drinks, too often.
  • As part of a comprehensive approach to tackle obesity, a tax on sugary drinks is likely to significantly decrease consumption. This would result in clear health benefits: people living longer and better quality lives, as well as decreasing risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes.
  • Sugary drinks are marketed as part of an everyday diet, available everywhere and often cheaper than bottled water – all factors contributing to high levels of consumption, and associated weight gain.

Ms Maria Szybiak is LiveLighter WA's Campaign Director. To arrange to speak with Ms Szybiak, please contact her on 08 9382 5919 or