Unlike packaged food, food bought from cafes and restaurants does not have to show nutritional information, so choosing the healthier options may not always be obvious, or easy. However, eating out can be enjoyable and healthy.

Don't skip meals before heading out

Skipping meals can make you hungrier later and choose more unhealthier options. You're more likely to eat more than you need. It's better to eat balanced, regular meals throughout the day.

Watch how much you eat

  • Order from the menu instead of heading towards the "all you can eat buffet".
  • Order an entrée size meal rather than a main course, or share with a friend.
  • Fill up on your side orders of salad or vegetables.
  • Eat your food slowly and stop before you feel full.

Ask some questions & know what you're getting.

Here are some tips to order a tasty, healthier meal:

  • What's in the dish?
  • Can you swap fries for a healthier side? e.g. roast potatoes, salad or vegetables
  • Ask for dressings and sauces to be placed on the side
  • Can you have a smaller portion of meat and larger portion of salad/vegetables?
  • How is it cooked? Can the dish be grilled rather than fried?


Healthier take-away lunch options 

Swap this...

...for this 

sausage roll arrow cheese and tomato toastie
meat and chips box arrow healthy kebab
fried chicken burger arrow fresh chicken burger
creamy pasta arrow spaghetti and bolognaise sauce
pepperoni pizza arrow vegie pizza
spring rolls arrow rice paper roll

Be prepared

Here are some healthy swaps you can make when eating out:

Swap this For this
creamy soup clear soup
spring rolls ricepaper rolls
chicken nuggets grilled meat skewers
garlic bread bruschetta
Swap this For this
creamy pasta spaghetti
pizza healthier pizza
fried chicken burger grilled chicken salad
meat pie salad sandwhich
Swap this For this
cake fruit-salad
icecream sorbet
Swap this For this
chips vege dips
bacon grilled tomatoes

Healthier drink options

Tap, mineral or sparkling water flavoured with fresh lemon, lime or orange wedges.

Avoid sugary drinks and drinking alcohol where possible.