Tipping... the scales?


It's that time of year again. Aussies are donning the team colours and reviving the old rivalries for the start of the footy season. But once again, the traditional tipping competition has been tainted by the spectre of unhealthy messages from junk food giants.

Hungry Jacks is just one of the companies using a healthy activity (Australian Rules Football) to promote an unhealthy product. The burger chain is giving away a free Whopper every time a person tips a perfect round in the AFL through footytips.com.au.

"Australian Rules footballers are high - profile, inspirational athletes who represent fitness and good health. Elite sport isn't an appropriate vehicle for promoting unhealthy food and it needs to stop," said Maurice Swanson, Chief Executive of the Heart Foundation.

"Why not give perfect tipsters a free football, or at least something which fits with the spirit of the game?" he said

Mr Swanson said that public health messages are fighting an uphill battle against junk food, which is relatively cheap and easy to access.

"Promotions like this encourage people to make unhealthy choices more often. The priorities are all wrong. We should be doing everything we can to make the healthy choice, the easy choice," he said.

Over two-thirds of WA adults are reported to be overweight or obese. With that, comes an increased risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers .

WA's LiveLighter campaign has been developed to raise awareness about the impact our modern lifestyles can have on our health.

"I'm appealing to the common sense of all West Australian adults. If you tip a perfect round and win a free burger, don't claim it. Get out and enjoy a game of footy instead or another form of physical activity. Even better, get the kids involved!" Mr Swanson said.

To have your say about junk food in sport, visit www.livelighter.com.au/junkfreesport.


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