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Making small changes is a great way to start a healthier lifestyle so why not try our FREE Meal and Activity Planner!

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We know that staying healthy is a long term commitment and having guidance is priceless which is why
we've developed this free tool for you!

Our planner features a variety of delicious recipes that are easy to make, allows you to do the exercise you enjoy
and is designed so your new habits can become part of your everyday life.

Unfortunately the meal and activity planner doesn’t currently have an option for special diets, you can however swap them in.

We have lots of gluten free, vegetarian and vegan recipes available that you can substitute for meals in the planner.

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Schedule your activity

Plan your meals

Track your progress

Take the first step towards a healthier future

Add your own personal motivations. It might be for your kids, or to fit into your favourite outfit again.
Nobody else will see these so choose some that will truly inspire you!


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