Don't let food go to waste! Use our tips and tricks to save time and money

1. Make the most of leftovers

Most meals are tasty as leftovers and safe to eat if they are properly stored for lunch or dinner the next day. Many meals are great for the school lunchbox, remember to pack food in an appropriate insulated lunchbox, with a frozen iceblock (or waterbottle) to keep cold food cold, or send warm meals in a thermos.

Best transportable meals
Rice and pasta dishes are great for leftovers and easy to pack for the next day. Soup is also a great option to pack and transport, and is easily kept warm in a thermos.

Leftover vegies
Healthy pizzas are a great way to use up and prevent waste of left over vegies.  They are also an easy way to get those vegetable serves in! LiveLighter also have a great 2-ingredient recipe for a delicious healthy base as well.

2. Use cheaper alternatives

Meat substitutes
Lentils, 4 bean mix, red kidney beans and chickpeas are great substitutes for minced meat.  For smaller meals save money by using only half the mince and add a tin of high fibre beans, freeze the rest for another meal.

Extra serves
To feed extras, rather than adding meat, add beans and vegies to bulk up the meal.

3. Use your freezer

Pasta sauce
Freeze portions of spaghetti sauce/pasta sauce in snaplock bags. Not only will you have ready made portions that will quickly defrost, it will save space in your freezer. Be creative with these! Leftover sauce can be used in many recipes, on top of toast, or on a pizza base with loads of vegies.

Busy day meals
Make and freeze lunchbox sized meals for those busy mornings, which will defrost in time for school lunch.

Overripe bananas are great for use in cakes and healthy smoothies. (Don’t forget to peel them before freezing)

Most vegetables freeze well. Unused vegetables could be stored for later use, saving you money at the checkout.

Individual frozen yoghurts are great to freeze and place in lunchboxes, not only will they thaw out in time for lunch, they will help to keep other lunchbox contents cool.