Nutrition and Physical Activity Project Officer

Katie Liddiard

Katie is an Accredited Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. She is passionate about all things health, fitness and FOOD! Her aim as a nutritionist is to support and inspire people to nourish their bodies with wholesome food and to help them create healthy long-term changes using a holistic, realistic, and practical approach. She enjoys spending time in the kitchen creating nutritious and delicious food and is also a lover of coffee, surfing, and scuba diving. 

Articles by this author

  • mother and daughter stand and stretch to reach their toes

    5 x 5 x 5 to boost mobility

    • Feb 20, 2024
    • by Katie Liddiard

    Our mobility contributes to how easily and efficiently we can move around. From getting up out of a chair to tying our shoes, how mobile we are is important for staying independent and allowing us to perform daily tasks.

  • New fitness trend - silent walking

    • Dec 07, 2023
    • by Katie Liddiard

    Learn about what the new 'fitness trend' is all about!

  • Get motivated to move more

    • Jul 31, 2023
    • by Katie Liddiard

    We share our 7 practical tips to get you moving more throughout your day.

  • Older couple stretching

    Tips to get active

    • Jan 12, 2023
    • by Katie Liddiard

    Are you ready to start being more physically active, but aren’t sure where to begin? We’ve got some tips to boost your confidence and help you to get started!

  • indoor yoga session at home

    Body and mind: harnessing physical activity for a mood boost

    • Jan 05, 2023
    • by Katie Liddiard

    Learn how being more physically active can improve your mood and mental well-being.