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  • Close ups of a strawberry made of playdough and a real strawberry

    What you need to know about processed food

    • May 03, 2024
    • by Gael Myers

    Processed food has gotten a bad wrap of late, but is that fair? Well… yes and no.

  • Fireworks display

    Celebrating Eid Al-Fitr!

    • Apr 10, 2024
    • by Jawaahir Alim

    It’s that time of the year to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr for many people around the world. For my family and many others, this is a special time of celebration. I cherish the memories I have of spending the day at festivals as a child, looking forward to the adrenaline rush from rides, catching up with friends, exchanging gifts and of course, enjoying lots of food!

  • Person looking content while staring intently at their phone, background is blurred

    No App required: Add LiveLighter to your mobile

    • Mar 07, 2024
    • by Anne Finch

    You've asked, we've listened. Here's our 'No app required' way to access the LiveLighter meal planner from your mobile.

  • Samphire plant growing in sandy soil with a grassy plain and blue sky in the background.

    Embracing Bunuru: A Journey Through Noongar Seasons in Boorloo (Perth)

    • Feb 22, 2024
    • by Saira Rind

    As the summer sun begins to mellow and the coastal breeze carries a subtle hint of change, we find ourselves transitioning into Bunuru, the second season in the Noongar calendar. Let’s explore the rich tapestry of flavours that Bunuru brings, featuring the vibrant array of fruits, vegetables, and foods in season right now in Boorloo.

  • mother and daughter stand and stretch to reach their toes

    5 x 5 x 5 to boost mobility

    • Feb 20, 2024
    • by Katie Liddiard

    Our mobility contributes to how easily and efficiently we can move around. From getting up out of a chair to tying our shoes, how mobile we are is important for staying independent and allowing us to perform daily tasks.

  • yellow lunchbox with sandwich fruit and vegetables

    Lunchbox pep talk!

    • Feb 09, 2024
    • by Anne Finch

    Got lunchbox fatigue? This one goes out to all the parents and carers ...YOU’VE GOT THIS! Here’s some tips and inspo to get those lunchboxes packed with a bang (or at least without a whimper).

  • red lunar new year lanterns

    Happy Lunar New Year

    • Feb 08, 2024
    • by Jenny Atkins

    In my family, the Lunar New Year is one of the best times of the year and another opportunity to gather with family, friends and of course, eat fabulous food!

  • Snack plate dinners

    Snack plate dinners for those days you don’t feel like cooking

    • Feb 05, 2024
    • by Gael Myers

    Sometimes, life happens, and we don’t always have the energy or time to make a capital m ‘Meal’. While the dinner purists may turn up their nose at the idea of an odds and ends snack plate, I would like to sing its praises.

  • family enjoying Christmas meal

    Dietitian hacks for feeding kids on Christmas day

    • Dec 12, 2023
    • by Anne Finch

    In my family, Christmas is all about The Lunch…. and it’s easy to forget about the other meals in the day. So here are my tips for keeping everyone fed and happy all day long.

  • New fitness trend - silent walking

    • Dec 07, 2023
    • by Katie Liddiard

    Learn about what the new 'fitness trend' is all about!