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LiveLighter News April 2021

In this edition - Download the new label reading wallet card, 20-minute dinners for busy weeknights, takeaway makeovers, listen to the LiveLighter campaign podcast, watch the LiveLighter campaign launch snapshot, whipping up a Mother's Day treat, and Packed With Goodness.

LiveLighter News March 2021

In this edition - Launch of brand new LiveLighter campaign, taking a stand on junk food, download the 'Take away the takeway' recipe booklet, and read our tips on converting leftovers into yummy dishes.

LiveLighter News February 2021

In this edition - No-cook summer meals, the best laid plans, sit-ups for the mind, and creative ways to get moving.

LiveLighter News January 2021

In this edition - Tips for making a fresh start this New Year, better BBQs that go beyond the sausage sizzle, sweet nothings: seven tasty drinks to help you break up with soft drinks, how to keep on track with (and on track of) your exercise resolution, how to ditch the drinks not your social life, and how to dump the diet pressure and think health this year.

LiveLighter News December 2020

In this edition - Launch of the 'Healthier Holidays' campaign, 6 refreshing alcohol-free options to wet your whistle, our favourite BBQ recipes, tips to LiveLighter through the holidays, drink less and feel fresh this festive season, and tips for hosting a healthy holiday event.

LiveLighter News November 2020

In this edition - Launch of the 'How many kilojoules are you drinking?' campaign, ditch the box of choccies and try homemade treats, healthier festive season at work, sweet treats for the holidays, 6 surprising facts about nutrition, healthy summer recipes, and banquets on a budget.

LiveLighter News October 2020

In this edition - Six ways to eat your way to better mental health, what we know about the link between mood and food, your ultimate guide to bringing the Royal Show home, what to grow, move your body and get active, and propagation - how to get more plants.

LiveLighter News September 2020

In this edition - Get involved in Fruit&Veg September, 13 Cancers campaign, soils ain't soils, composting at home and updated portion distortion and goal setting resources.

LiveLighter News August 2020

In this edition - Launch of the 13 Cancers Campaign, hitting the sweet spot in kids' sport, green thumbs for everyone with some garden placement and design tips, a guide to making your own fruity ice-cream, and announcement of the protecting kids from exposure to junk food ads webinar.

LiveLighter News July 2020

In this edition - Alby's fur-real tips for a healthy return to work, vote for the winner of our healthy drinks competition, sign up to the Obesity Policy Review newsletter, slow cooker tips and tricks, sneaky alcohol marketing tactics you should be aware of, check out our healthy at home hub, and some of the best resources for a healthier workplace.

LiveLighter News June 2020

In this edition - Share Your Healthy competition, new poster - How Much Sugar is in That Drink?, the surprising amount of kilojoules in alcohol, making do for dinner and getting the most out of your fresh fruit and vegies, an epidemic of junk food marketing during COVID-19, 6 steps to supporting employee health and wellbeing through change.

LiveLighter News May 2020

In this edition - Check out our new healthy at home hub, West Coast Fever Captain Courtney Bruce becomes the new LiveLighter ambassador, Mother's Day bake-off winner, staying fit while staying home, healthy habits when working from home.

LiveLighter News April 2020

In this edition - Move More April, make your own yoghurt, top tips to keep your drinking in check during the pandemic, 18 easy meals with pantry staples, sit-ups for the mind, workplace health and online learning from Foodbank WA.

LiveLighter News March 2020

In this edition - We share our favourite Autumn fruit and vegetables, give tips for healthy cooking at home and share new research on the importance of grandparents in encouraging kids to eat well.

LiveLighter News February 2020

In this edition - Find out about our latest sugary drinks campaigns, label reading tips and tricks, 5 healthy tips that are not weight focused, healthy snack ideas, Couch to 3km run guide.

LiveLighter News January 2020

In this edition - Our new campaign 'Sugary Drinks are a Rotten Choice' goes live, New Year's resolutions that won't make you feel bad, booze-free booze, sign up to the 3-2-1 meal planner and check out our couch to 3km walk exercise plan.

LiveLighter News December 2019

In this edition - How many kilojoules are you drinking?, drink less and feel fresh this festive season, a healthier festive season at work, ditch the roses and try homemade treats, 4 ways to get more fibre into your diet.

LiveLighter News November 2019

In this edition - What's really on the menu for fast food promotions, Town of Victoria Park banners, should we avoid carbs, being active after 50, FREE lunchbox workshops for parents, FREE workplace wellness on a budget webinar.

LiveLighter News October 2019

In this edition - Perth Glory extends partnership with LiveLighter, WA records lowest level of teenage sugary drink consumption in Australia, work lunches that pull their weight and Cancer Council WA's daily workplace workout.

LiveLighter News September 2019

In this edition - MAN v FAT, healthy food focus for hospital staff, the results of our analysis of checkout drinks fridges, 4 foods you should eat and 3 you should avoid to prevent cancer and the surprising amount of sugar lurking in your drink.

LiveLighter News August 2019

In this edition - LiveLighter launches new 13 cancers campaign, new physical activity calculator launched, City of Swan partnership and West Coast Fever player Kaylia Stanton's chat with LiveLighter.

LiveLighter News July 2019

In this edition - winner of the Eat Brighter LiveLighter Dot's Place facebook comp announced, five tips for healthy hibernation, we investigate ready-to-drink juice products and download our new 3 minute workout plan resource.

LiveLighter News June 2019

In this edition - green light for Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre café, Australia’s growing ‘app-etite’ for convenience, how to host a healthy morning tea, Dry July and the busy people’s guide to pantry essentials.

LiveLighter News May 2019

Check out the May edition of the LiveLighter newsletter featuring our Eat Smart and Shop Smart resources, Mother's Day blog, latest media and our healthy eating display as part of LiveLighter's partnership with Kwinana Marketplace, City of Kwinana, South Metropolitan Health Service and Moorditj Koort

LiveLighter News May 2019

Check out the May edition of the LiveLighter newsletter featuring our Eat Smart and Shop Smart resources, Mother's Day blog, latest media and our healthy eating display as part of LiveLighter's partnership with Kwinana Marketplace, City of Kwinana, South Metropolitan Health Service and Moorditj Koort

LiveLighter News April 2019

LiveLighter have been on an egg hunt looking for the most outrageously oversized Easter eggs. We were shocked by the results, with the worst offenders containing more than half a kilo of sugar!

LiveLighter News March 2019

This edition includes lunchbox tips and tricks for parents and discusses the results of a new study looking at how healthy the food is that the grandies provide to your kids. Don't forget to also download our new 'Ultimate BBQ recipes' cookbook!

LiveLighter News January 2019

The LiveLighter monthly e-newsletters are back! Read all about our new sports partnership, our nutritional analysis of kombucha, download brand new recipe book and physical activity resources, and hear about our latest campaign.

Feb 01, 2018

LiveLighter News February 2018

February's a great time to look at how we can make small changes to daily routines for better health - whether that be moving more or adding more fruit and veg to the trolley. Check out our top tips.

Dec 20, 2017

LiveLighter News December 2017

December is a time for celebration with family and friends, whether for Christmas or New Year there are many opportunities to catch up, share a meal and a drink, yet that doesn't mean you need to put your health goals on hold.

Nov 30, 2017

LiveLighter News November 2017

As the end of the year draws nearer, the junk food temptation can be hard to beat, yet with a little planning, preparation and purpose, saying no to junk can be easier than you think.

Sep 01, 2017

LiveLighter News September 2017

Operation Spring Clean sees top tips to refresh your pantry and meal plans, look at the best bread buys and ways to reduce your risk of 13 different cancers.

Jul 31, 2017

LiveLighter News July 2017

Beat the winter chill, check out our tips to plan and avoid food waste and be inspired to keep active everyday in this issue.

May 01, 2017

LiveLighter News May 2017

We take a look at the LiveLighter free 3-2-1 Meal Plans, check out what's on the menu and delve into the hidden sugars in yoghurt.

Feb 02, 2017

LiveLighter News February 2017

In this enewsletter we tackle some of the big issues. How will WA's next elected Government meet the challenge of chronic disease? And what can you do to help?

Dec 20, 2016

LiveLighter News December 2016

This issue is dedicated to surviving the silly season with links to recipes and blogs and a fact sheet to guide you through your holiday celebrations, keeping your health intact.

Jul 22, 2016

LiveLighter News July 2016

Our top picks for healthy 'comfort foods', the skinny on fats, shop smarter at the supermarket, and our find out more about healthy weight and pregnancy.

Jun 24, 2016

LiveLighter News June 2016

Read up on our top five tips for winter, find out how to snack smarter, help your kids in the kitchen during the school holidays, and is your muesli bar junk food in disguise? Watch our video to find out!

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Previous Newsletters

Health Professionals Newsletter April 2021

In this edition - Launch of the new LiveLighter 'Menu App' campaign, taking a stand on junk food, new 'Take away the takeaway' recipe booklet, factors associated with ordering food via online meal ordering services, Parents’ Voice chat with Dr Alexandra Jones, and New Heart Foundation Personal Walking Plans.

Health Professionals Newsletter December 2020

In this edition - Happy holidays from the LiveLighter team, Healthier Holidays campaign, Healthy at Home campaign summary, new drinks recipe cards now available, the surprising amount of kilojoules in alcohol, Packed with Goodness, new Exercise for older adults eBook available, the link between food and mood, and the move your body and get active factsheet.

Health Professionals Newsletter September 2020

In this edition - 13 Cancers campaign, Fruit&Veg September, joint statement released, COAG Health Council public sector guidelines released, the surprising amount of kilojoules in alcohol blog, portion distortion SMART goals for exercise and nutrition resources, green thumbs for everyone, hitting the sweet spot in kids' sport, subscribe to the Obesity Policy Review newsletter and ordering resources.

Health Professionals Newsletter June 2020

In this edition - Healthy at Home hub, sugary drinks dental campaign results, NEW sugar in drinks poster, free PD webinar on talking to patients about health and weight, updated factsheets, sneaky alcohol and junk food marketing during COVID-19, ordering resources.

Health Professionals Newsletter April 2020

In this edition - Move More April, COVID-19 update (ordering resources and LiveLighter staff changes), 'How many kilojoules are you drinking' campaign results, Foodbank WA moves to an online nutrition education model.

Health Professionals Newsletter December 2019

The LiveLighter Team wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2020!

Health Professionals Newsletter October 2019

In this edition - new physical activity presentation kit, are your clients getting their 2&5, prescribing movement and MAN v FAT soccer.

Health Professionals Newsletter August 2019

In this edition - 13 cancers campaign launch, talking about weight and health training, City of Swan partnership, physical activity calculator, NEW obesity and cancer factsheet and Cancer Information and Support Service

Health Professionals Newsletter May 2019

In this edition - free event and speakers' kits, partnership case study for the City of Cockburn, latest campaign evaluation, Deadly Tucker recipes, new health and obesity infographic

Sep 30, 2017

Health Professionals Newsletter September 2017

Being overweight increases your risk of 13 cancers. In a recent LiveLighter survey, only half the participants knew about the link - compared to heart disease and type 2 diabetes where knowledge of the link sits at about 90%.

Jun 02, 2017

Health Professionals Newsletter June 2017

Health professional training opportunities on the sensitive topic of body weight. We also reveal new research into the effectiveness of advertising targeting obesity and highlight a new campaign from the team behind That Sugar Film.

Mar 31, 2017

Health Professionals Newsletter March 2017

In this edition of LiveLighter for Professionals (like our new name?) we'll look at what's been happening in obesity prevention - from calls for a sugary drinks tax to the introduction of kJ menu labelling.

Jan 27, 2017

Health Professionals Newsletter January 2017

Welcome to the first health professionals newsletter! You're boots on the ground of health promotion, and we want to help you do your best work. See what we have to offer!