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WA Media Releases

29 Jun 2023
New campaign to help people eat well on a budget

Cancer Council WA’s LiveLighter program has launched a new campaign to help people eat well on a budget, following research which found that almost eight out of 10 people surveyed had recently taken action to reduce the cost of food bills.

04 Apr 2023
West Aussies eating less than the national average of fast food

West Australians are heeding the LiveLighter message with new data showing WA adults are eating less fast food than adults in other Australian states and cooking more at home to save money.

14 Jan 2023
New campaign to get people moving more and feeling great

Cancer Council WA’s LiveLighter program has launched a new campaign encouraging adults to be more physically active for their mental wellbeing following research which found the number of people citing mental health and wellbeing as their motivation for being physically active has doubled in the last five years.

09 Sep 2022
New campaign launched as LiveLighter marks 10 year anniversary

Cancer Council WA have used the 10 year anniversary of LiveLighter, a healthy lifestyle program delivered in partnership with WA Health, to launch a ground-breaking new public education campaign that aims to encourage and motivate West Australians to reduce their consumption of junk food, including sugary drinks and sweet snacks.

08 Dec 2021
Faux health halo for vegie chips

Cancer Council WA is cautioning consumers not to be duped into thinking vegie chips are a healthier alternative to potato chips or vegetables, following a new audit that showed almost 70 per cent of the products analysed contained unacceptable levels of salt.

10 Nov 2021
Peak Bodies warn ‘Sugary Drinks are Rotten for Teeth’

The Australian Dental Association of WA (ADAWA) and Cancer Council WA have united to call for tougher restrictions on the sale and promotion of sugary drinks to children, urging sugary drinks to be removed from public venues that children frequent such as sporting and cultural facilities, and banning junk food advertising on public transport and billboards.

30 Aug 2021
New data confirms concerns regarding food delivery apps

Cancer Council WA have reiterated the need for West Aussies to steer clear of greasy takeaway ordered from food delivery apps, with new data by Pathmatics showing the top four fast-food delivery services in Australia have spent over $20 million on digital advertising since March 2020 (the start of the pandemic).

01 Jul 2021
West Australian workers urged to steer clear of food delivery

Cancer Council WA have developed a new LiveLighter advertisement encouraging workers to steer clear of greasy takeaway ordered from food delivery apps, and to reach for a healthy lunch instead, whether they are working from home during a lockdown or in the office.

18 Mar 2021
LiveLighter launches new campaign to tackle junk food delivery

Cancer Council WA has launched a new LiveLighter campaign targeting junk food delivery services, with new data revealing the marketing spend by food delivery brands has increased by 290% since 2017. The campaign encourages West Australians to make quick, tasty and nutritious meals at home instead.

10 Aug 2020
Toxic fat ad relaunched as junk food home deliveries double

Cancer Council WA has relaunched the LiveLighter 13 Cancers public education campaign to remind Western Australians not to be complacent with their health, just as junk food giant McDonalds boasts record home delivery sales during COVID-19.

VIC Media Releases

For Victorian LiveLighter media enquiries, please contact Lauren Zammit on (03) 9514 6440

09 Jan 2024
LiveLighter empowers Victorians to cut back on alcohol for better health

The LiveLighter® program delivered by Cancer Council Victoria is sharing expert tips to help Victorians confidently reduce their alcohol intake to boost their health in 2024.

19 Jul 2023
Stretch your budget: 7 in 10 Victorians report taking action to cut grocery costs

Cancer Council Victoria’s LiveLighter® program is sharing tips to help families stretch their grocery budget, after the latest annual Shape of Australia survey found 7 in 10 Victorian adults had taken action to reduce the cost of their food bill.

08 Jun 2023
Aussie drinkers warned that some beers pack more energy than common junk foods

Cancer Council Victoria’s LiveLighter® program is urging consumers to be mindful of their beer intake ahead of Men’s Health Week, with a new analysis revealing that just a couple of bottles of full-strength beer could pack more energy than a burger from McDonalds.

09 Feb 2023
Pass the salt: Plant-based burgers serving consumers a full day’s worth of sodium in single patty

Cancer Council Victoria’s LiveLighter® program is warning consumers about the salt content in plant-based burger products, with a new study finding some products contain more than the recommended daily sodium intake in just one patty.

23 May 2022
Beat the price rise: 6 tips to shop healthy and save money

While the prices of everyday groceries continue to soar, Cancer Council Victoria’s LiveLighter® program is helping families keep their bill down with helpful tips to shop healthy and save money at the checkout.

16 Feb 2022
Health professionals urged not to wait to have conversations about weight as new research reveals Australians' concerns

Cancer Council Victoria’s LiveLighter® program is urging health professionals not to delay weight-centric conversations with their patients, as new data reveals that almost one-third of Australians that are above a healthy weight want to speak to a health professional about it.

16 Dec 2021
Victoria's young people report high health and lifestyle impact from COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone across Victoria – reshaping our daily lives and dissolving our routines, but a new LiveLighter® survey has uncovered that one group experienced a significantly greater impact on their health and lifestyle than the rest of us – those aged 18-24.

01 Sep 2021
LiveLighter® serves up a September challenge to Bendigo residents

As we head into spring, Cancer Council Victoria’s LiveLighter® program is encouraging Greater Bendigo residents to eat more fruit and vegetables as part of their September Challenge.

10 Dec 2020
Unintended COVID consequences: Victorians snacked more, Aussies gained weight

A new LiveLighter® survey has revealed 37 per cent of Australians reported gaining weight between February and July this year – a time when most Australian states were under some form of COVID-19 restrictions.

10 May 2020
Junk food brands capitalising on lockdown

Public health groups have slammed fast food corporations for their shameless marketing targeting people in isolation, health workers and bored kids during the COVID-19 pandemic.